Brixen shows its character: with cultural and sportive accents, real South Tyrolean as well as Mediterranean flair

Our B&B Alter Schlachthof is located in the heart of the city, where a lot of opposites meet – and merge into an exciting and pleasant overall picture. Those who come to Brixen across the Brenner Pass will not only notice it due to the temperatures, but also to the atmosphere: here it begins, the warm south. At the same time, the clear traces of Alpine tradition, the winding alleys and the still impressive mountain backdrop are reminiscent of the fact that you are not yet that far in the south.


Brixen not only combines the advantages of the alpine and mediterranean lifestyles. Here in the lively centre of the Eisack valley, sportive and cultural highlights as well as shopping and enjoyment offers conflate into a leisure programme which offers something appropriate for every taste, every day and every mood. You would like to take a walk through the city? Perfect. Brixen is made to stroll, especially in the pedestrian area. And Alter Schlachthof is the ideal starting point, as it is located right in middle of it.


You are interested in arts, culture and history? Then you have come to the right place. It is not for nothing that Brixen bears such telling titles like oldest Tyrolean town, Baroque or episcopal city. A sightseeing tour of the landmarked historic centre is definitely a must: from the large and small arcades to alleys lined with battlements through to the cobbled cathedral square, where everything and everyone comes together. The cathedral, several museums and various other landmarks are in sight as well as in reach from here.

A little bargain hunting or a great event for once? Or you would rather like to visit the climbing gym, ride a bicycle through the surrounding vineyards or to ski on the Plose mountain? In the city where the Rienz and Eisack rivers merge, everything is possible

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Right in the middle
  • 0 m to the pedestrian and shopping area
  • 50 m to the pharmacy museum
  • 300 m to the cathedral square, cathedral and cloister
  • 100 m to the Stella cinema
  • 300 m to the prince-bishop’s Hofburg
  • 200 m to the city gallery
  • 100 m to the Aquarena
  • 0 m to the Kloster Neustift hiking trail
  • 150 m to the Vertikale climbing gym
  • 0 m to the Brenner-Bozen cycling route
  • 0 m to the start of the Archeo path
  • 100 m to the ski shuttle
  • 50 m to the city bus


What you have to see in Brixen

Bikers welcome

Take a break at the “Alter Schlachthof”

Activities in Brixen

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